Top 5 Reasons to Collect Cracker Jack Prizes

Cracker Jack Collecting: Why collect prizes?

If you've found your way to this website, you're likely a fan of Cracker Jack or even a collector. If you've simply got the collecting bug, there are good reasons for choosing Cracker Jack prizes to collect.

The appeal of Cracker Jack is largely nostalgic. For most it's about the thrill of reaching for the prize at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jack. It's the same with cereal premiums and Happy Meals--digging for the treasure! Forget the food part of the equation, it's all about the freebie, the prize.

Now that they've stopped putting an actual prize in the box, it might be a great time to start collecting Cracker Jack prizes. There is over a century's worth of beautiful treasures that make Cracker Jack prizes so desirable to collect. Here are our top 5 reasons for being Cracker Jack collectors:

  • Collecting Cracker Jack prizes is easy because they are still available. The best source is eBay. A simple eBay search on "Cracker Jack prize" will produce thousands of results for eBay auctions or Buy-It-Now listings. While not all the listings will be valid, many produce good leads worth pursuing. Cracker Jack prizes can also be found on other online sites or even possibly at estate sales, garage sales, or toy fairs.
  • Because there have been decades of prizes, there are so many choices. The Cracker Jack prize has been around a long time so there is a wide variety that you can choose to collect. What kind of Cracker Jack collector would you be? Focus on a subgroup (baseball cards, plastic animal figures, tin lithograph toys, etc.) or you can collect what catches your fancy and collect just to collect. Your collections can be grouped by time period, material, type or topic.
  • Cracker Jack prizes are typically affordable. Again, a quick search on eBay will produce multiple listings with many items, most reasonably priced with auctions starting below $10. On eBay, Cracker Jack prizes can be purchased individually or in mixed lots or complete sets. The only caveat is making sure to research each listing to ensure that you are bidding on or purchasing actual Cracker Jack prizes in good, collectible condition.
  • Collecting Cracker Jack is a wonderful hobby and a way to make extra bucks. If you use eBay to build your collect, you can also use eBay to sell your excess or unwanted items.
  • The best part is that Cracker Jack prizes are easy to store. This is very important as most collecting requires space for storage.

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