Cracker Jack Collector? Become an Ebay Seller!

Cracker Jack Collecting: Be an eBay Seller

If you've chosen Cracker Jack prize collecting as a hobby, you should consider selling on eBay for 2 reasons:

  1. It's a good way to earn some additional cash for furthering your hobby.
  2. It's a great way to maintain your Cracker Jack collection by providing a way to get rid of duplicate items, items you don't want to keep, and things you thought were Cracker Jack but weren't. Also, it's a good way to earn some additional cash. Yes, that was also the first reason.

It's fairly easy to be an occasional Seller on eBay. They've set up online forms and procedures that faciliate the selling process. The work really is knowing what you're going to sell, how are you are going to package and ship, and understanding what your resources are if you run into issues.

Check out this infographic. It provides an easy overview on how to turn your Cracker Jack hobby into a part-time business. 

Go from a Cracker Jack collector to an eBay seller in a few steps

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