What Type of Cracker Jack Collector Are You?

Cracker Jack Collecting: What do you want to collect?

So, what do you collect? A lot depends on your interests and more importantly the nostalgic feeling that is evoked when you remember the joy of finding your first Cracker Jack prize. Kids today will not understand this simple pleasure of sweet and salty Cracker Jack and the “Toy Surprise Inside” as Frito-Lay has now made this a digital experience.

As there is such a plethora of prizes which is befitting the long history of Cracker Jack, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some themes to inspire your collecting passion:


Animals have been a staple Cracker Jack theme since the very beginning of Cracker Jack prize design. The first Cracker Jack mascots (before Sailor Jack and Bingo) were bears that appeared in a series of postcards from around 1907. Throughout the years, animals could be found in paper prizes, made of metal, and of course plastic.

cracker jack hollow-back animals figures 1950s
Cracker Jack hollow-back plastic animal figures from the 1950s.


Inspired by the great Space Race, Cracker Jack produced several types of space-themed prizes in the 1950s. The best were the 10 soft plastic figures consisting of spacemen and aliens forms.

1950s cracker jack action spaceman and alien
1950s soft plastic Cracker Jack spacemen.

Action Toys

In the 1960s, Cracker Jack released several series of interesting "squeeze toys" or "action toys" that did something more than the standard figure. Most were fun, kid-friendly prizes, but some were slightly strange like the woman hitting her husband with a rolling pin. There is also one of a cat trying to catch fish and a woodpecker with a tree stump. 

cracker jack action toy couple wife beating husband
1960s Squeeze Action Toy depicting spousal abuse.
cracker jack action toy cowboy
1960s Squeeze Action Toy cowboy.


In the 1950s, the Cracker Jack prizes were largely plastic, plastic, plastic. Cracker Jack distributed many people figures as prizes including a set that depicted a girl scout and boy scout.

cracker jack nosco boy and girl scout figures
1950s Cracker Jack/Nosco Boy Scout and Girl Scout figures.


The Western was very popular in the 1950s and in keeping with trends, Cracker Jack produced several types of Western-themed prizes. For more of these types of prizes, check in our Gallery.

cracker jack native american 1950s figure
Cracker Jack 1950s Native American figures.

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