Charming Plastic Dangles - Cracker Jack Charms 1950s to 1960s

Charms and danglers are common types of Cracker Jack prizes. Throughout the 20th century, Cracker Jack has given away numerous charms in metal, celluloid, and plastic.

In the 1950s, when plastic was king, Cracker Jack gave away a series of plastic alphabet charms. Of course, they had to be collected one letter at a time. The alphabet charms are still collectible today and can be found on eBay or sometimes Etsy or other online sites like Times Passages Nostalgia and Ruby Lane.

cracker jack alphabet charm letter Q
1950s plastic ALPHABET Charm - Q.
cracker jack alphabet charm letter U
1950s plastic ALPHABET Charm - U.

Besides the letters of the alphabet, popular were charms depicting animals. Here are a couple made of plastic from the late 1940s, these came in different colors mostly pale:

cracker jack bee charm
1940s BEE charm.
cracker jack bee charm
1940s FISH charm.

The animals were also represented by danglers, the slightly larger charms. This one below is a monkey and has "CRACKER JACK" as well as "1389" marked on it:

cracker jack monkey dangler charm
MONKEY dangler or dangling charm. It's larger than most Cracker Jack charms and measures about 1 3/4" in height by 1 3/8" in width. The "1389" marked on the left side identifies the series or set the dangler was part of.