Western Cracker Jack Figures - Cowboys & Native Americans

In the late 1940s, Cracker Jack started distributing molded plastic figures as prizes. These included Western-themed figures of Cowboys and Native Americans that measured about 2" in height and had a base or flat platform at the bottom. The base enabled the figure to stand up. A number of these types of figures have "NOSCO" marked on the base. NOSCO is short for Nosco Plastics, Inc. , the plastics molding division of National Organ Supply Company, a company that produced toys for Cracker Jack from 1948 through 1960.

Among the NOSCO produced figures are the cowgirl with a lasso that appears in Gallery images above as well as a small set of 3 Western scenes (a wagon, a log cabin and a teepee) .

nosco cracker jack western scene wagon log cabin Native Americans teepee
1940s Cracker Jack/NOSCO Western scene
There were also several types of cowboys including gunslingers and cowboys on horseback.
nosco cracker jack gunslinger cowboy
1940s Cracker Jack/NOSCO Cowboy gunslinger.
nosco cracker jack cowboy bucking bronco
1940s Cracker Jack/NOSCO Cowboy on a bucking bronco.

Considering their size and intended use, significant skill went into designing and creating these figures. These were free premiums, prizes in a box of snacks and yet the level of detail in each figure is surprising. The Western NOSCO figures are currently available on eBay. The price ranges from $5 to $10 per figure and these often come up for auction in lots or sets. Because of the quality of these prizes, many figures that are being offered are still intact and undamaged. You may still find some that have most of their original sheen and are not dull with scratches.

The Western-themed Cracker Jack prizes were mainly produced in the late 1940s through the 1950 at the height of the cowboys' popularity. Here's a Cracker Jack cowboy prize that was produced after the 1950s.

cracker jack action toy cowboy
1960s Squeeze Action Toy cowboy.


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