Cracker Jack Miniature Encyclopedia Books Volume 1 through 20

Released in the mid-1960s, the Cracker Jack Encyclopedia gets our "thumbs up" for its sheer uniqueness. Consisting of twenty miniature books with actual content that can be read, they are hard-to-find but worth finding and in their entirety is a thing of art.

Each Cracker Jack Encyclopedia book or volume covers a different topic. Though aimed for the younger set, the topics range from birds to famous women and men to unusual flowers and plants. The books measure 1.25" in width by 1.75" in height with book covers made of cardstock or thin cardboard. Each has about ten pages that were made of cheap newsprint paper with inexpensive glue used to bind the book pages.

Front and back views of a Cracker Jack Encyclopidia mini book
Cracker Jack Encyclopedia Volume 1 - Birds, miniature book front and back covers

By volume, the complete Cracker Jack Encyclopedia books are:

  1. Birds
  2. Dates We Celebrate
  3. Famous Explorers
  4. Famous Men
  5. Famous Women
  6. Edible Fish
  7. Flight
  8. American Indians
  9. Insects
  10. Great Inventions
  11. Musical Instruments
  12. Natural Science
  13. Planets
  14. Prehistoric Beasts
  15. Rocks and Minerals
  16. Science Experiments
  17. Sports
  18. Land Transportation
  19. Unusual Flowers and Plants
  20. Wonder of the Wonder