Cracker Jack Miniature Paper and Plastic Pinball Games

The miniature pinball game was one of the most popular Cracker Jack prizes distributed during the 1970s. Made of plastic and cardboard, the pinball games measure about 1.25" in width by 1.75" in height. Each game has an easy set of rules and could be played individually or in a competition with friends and family to see who could score the most. To play, you only have to pull back the tiny plastic arm or lever at the bottom and, when you release the arm, it shoots the plastic or metal ball into the small play area to score points.

The Cracker Jack pinball game originally appeared as a prize in the later part of 1960. Due to popularity, Cracker Jack released several more series of these pinball games in the 1970s. Most had the word "HIGH" or "HI" in the title or featured nursery rhyme or fairy tale characters and some were sports-related like basketball or baseball. Cracker Jack even released Looney Tune and Animaniac versions of their pinball game in the mid-1990s.

Front and back view of a 1970s Cracker Jack Goldilocks pinball game
1970s Cracker Jack pinball game - GOLDILOCKS

While the pinball game was a very cool toy, it was made of somewhat fragile plastic and the lever was prone to breaking. These prizes are easily found on eBay, you just have to make sure that the lever is still attached.

Front and back view of a 1960s Cracker Jack Speedway pinball game
1960s Cracker Jack pinball game - SPEEDWAY


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