Cracker Jack 1950s Alphabet Animal Figures

3 figures from the Cracker Jack Alphabet Animal set - alpaca cow buffalo

There are 26 letters in the alphabet and Cracker Jack made a animal figure starting with each letter of the alphabet. Can you guess them all? Most are easy like "B for Buffalo" or "C for Cow" as for some letters, there can be many choices. However, what about the less commonly used alphabet letters? For "Z" there is "Zebra" or nothing, but what about the letter X? Or, the letter U?

The Cracker Jack Alphabet Animals were produced in the 1950s during the height of Cracker Jack's plastic production phase. The figures are flat with a small base on the bottom and measure around 1.75" in height. The animal impression appears only on the front, while the animal name appears marked on the back. By the way, for the letter "U", Cracker Jack chose "Unicorn" which isn't a real animal at all.  


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