1950 to 1959: Plastic Cracker Jack Prizes

Cracker Jack prizes from 1950 to 1959

From the 1950s through the next decade and a half, Cracker Jack prizes were largely made of plastic. It seemed that any theme and topic that could be rendered in miniature plastic toys was prime territory for the creative Cracker Jack prize developers. 

Cowboys, Spacemen and Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack produced a myriad of plastic figures in the 1950s. This included several series of animals that were flat, one-sided with hollow backs, and stylized. There were champion dogs, circus performers, working people, stackable acrobats, and Asian deities. However, the most popular categories of prizes belonged the Western or space variety.

1950s Cracker Jack plastic alien
Cracker Jack 1950s soft plastic ALIEN figure

Anything Can be Molded for Cracker Jack

Besides the plastic figures, Cracker Jack produced series after series of plastic objects. There were tops, whistles, tilters and trains, oh my. If it could be molded out of plastic, Cracker Jack made it, albeit in an under 2" size. Since they had to fit in a box of Cracker Jack most prizes measured no taller than about 1.8" on its longest side. Of course, there were paper and tin Cracker Jack prizes during this time, but the many of the prizes were made of plastic. 

1950s Cracker Jack traffic signs
Cracker Jack 1950s TRAFFIC SIGNS
1950s Cracker Jack locomotive and KerChoo trains
Cracker Jack 1950s plastic LOCOMOTIVE and KERCHOO TRAIN