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From pot metal toy army tanks to aluminum tops to small plastic figures to piece-together models to paper puzzle and maze games, for over a century the Cracker Jack surprise or prize was the added bonus found in packages of Cracker Jack, that quintessential all-American snack food confectionery made of caramel-coated (formerly molasses-flavored) popcorn and peanuts.

The Art is Cracker Jack focuses on the Cracker Jack prize as American art as well as collectible. It's an appreciation site that provides:

  • Content about Cracker Jack history
  • Image galleries on Cracker Jack prizes
  • General information about collecting

Why Art?

Cracker Jack prizes are an American art form. Beyond the nostalgia of baseball and peanuts and Cracker Jack and more than the cherished memories of reaching into the bottom of the Cracker Jack box to pull out that "toy surprise," the prizes represent the time in which they were distributed--the paper dolls, the tin lithograph miniatures, the injection molded plastic figures, the spacemen--each prize based on topics or interests of the period and manufactured by the limitations or innovations of the day. Certainly historical, but more--there is beauty in those small, sometimes fragile, objects that can be held as treasures in the palm of a hand.

About Our Online Image Galleries?

This website presents many images of Cracker Jack prizes, mostly from the 1940s through 1970s. As we continue to gain access to Cracker Jack prizes and memorabilia, we hope to add new image galleries frequently. Unless specified otherwise, the majority of the images provided on this site are owned by The Art is Cracker Jack website. The images are not for general distribution. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information on using our content or images.